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The Vocabulary of Orchids: An Amateur Perspective. Allen B.Martin

 "The Vocabulary of Orchids" – An Amateur Perspective is a book written by Allen B Martin in which he explains, in lay-man language, all of the technical terms concerning orchids plus he has translated (again in lay language) most of those baffling long-winded botanical & scientific name of worldwide orchids.

This work contains around 25,000 fully cross referenced explanations, all in alphabetical order of about 1200 pages. He has also included some of his old sketches and many anecdotes to make it more interesting. The book is divided into four parts and can be accessed by clicking on the links below. You will find this a valuable resource.

 Click to download each pdf file - 4 in total.

  A - C  ,  D - G  ,  H - O  , P - Z